Parking at the lab site

The parking instructions are here to keep headlights from interfering with the observing. These maps below are crude, but hopefully will give you the idea. There should be signs guiding parking (or if you're lucky, an unlucky volunteer).

If you arrive early while it is still somewhat light out, drive all the way up the lab site road, turn around at the round-about and park along the fence, headlights away from the lab site.

If you come later on, please park farther away from the lab site so your headlights will not disturb the viewing, and walk up to the site. Park with headlights facing the fence, and back out to leave (so your back red lights are toward the lab site).

PLEASE OBSERVE THESE RULES IN REGARDS TO PARKING, particularly if you arrive after dark. In this case, do not drive all the way down to the end of the dirt road. It is very uncomfortable for the people who are already at the lab site and have adjusted their eyes to the dark. Night vision takes 30 minutes or more to obtain fully, but can be lost in a matter of seconds if confronted by, say, bright headlights. Err on the side of parking close to Reedy Creek Road and walking down the dirt road to the site. It is only a few hundred yards in total.

We're looking forward to seeing you!

Early parking

Later parking