Undergraduate Research



2012 inaugural urca class


Student research activity ramps up each summer, with 6-8 astrophysics students participating in a 10-week program that includes training in programming, computational methods, hydrodynamics and astrophysics. Beginning in the summer of 2012, this undergraduate research program has been funded by the NSF REU program. Our program is called the Undergraduate Research in Computational Astrophysics, or URCA.

Computational Gas Dynamics



shocked ejecta in a young snr


VH-1 is a multidimensional ideal compressible gas-dynamics code written in FORTRAN, with parallel versions available using MPI. It is based on the Lagrange-remap variant of the Piece-wise Parabolic Method (PPM) developed by Paul Woodward and Phil Colella. This code was originally made available to the public in 1990, and has gone through minor changes over the years (e.g., moving to F90).