URCA 2014

I am joining the astrophysics faculty at North Carolina State University to carry out a research project on Supernovae Remnants (SNRs) as a part of the Undergraduate Research in Computational Astrophysics (URCA) program. My partner, Sawyer Harris, and I will be looking into the Spherical Accretion Shock Instability (SASI) in order to analyze dynamic modes. We will be studying the role angular momentum plays in both cylindrical and spherical geometries. URCA is a ten week program funded by the National Science Foundation.

Most of the work my partner and I will be doing is analyzing pressure, velocity, and density data gathered through the use of the hydrodynamics code VH1. We will be creating a pressure driven shockwave and measure it's growth rate as a function of specific angular momentum.

The image above is a Fourier Analysis of angular momentum growth over time. Each bump represents the dominance of the sloshing mode while the shallowness of the vallies represents the dominance of the spiral mode. The linear nature of this plot will be used to derive a growth rate function. Addition of rotation to our material will either prove or disprove a growth rate dependence on specific angular momentum.