Who Can Apply?

URCA students must be US citizens or permanent residents currently enrolled in a bachelor degree program. Succesful applicants will have completed two semesters of introductory calculus-based physics and be at least one year away from completing a bachelor degree. While previous experience in computer programming will have a positive impact on a student's experience in the URCA program, such experience is not required of applicants.

Application Materials

Send all application materials to urca-physics@ncsu.edu

Email the following three items in docx or pdf format to the above address.

  • Application form docx format, pdf format
  • A one-page essay (see instructions below)
  • College transcript (unofficial copy is adequate)

The application form asks for the names of two references, preferably faculty or other mentors who can directly comment on your aptitude for undergradaute research. You do not need to have them send letters directly to us - we will request letters from them if necessary.

Your one-page essay should describe your interests in science and computation, including any experience that might be relevant to your participation in URCA. Include relevant aspects of your academic record and your tentative career plans. Indicate why you feel participation in this REU program would benefit you, and the part it can play in your future plans.